FEATURE; Government, a huge factor to our deteriorating football Featured
07 Oct

FEATURE; Government, a huge factor to our deteriorating football

In so many ways and reasons, we cannot always attribute the deteriorating and sorry state of our football to only at the door steps of the Ghana Football Association and at large, to Kwesi Nyantakyi. It is grossly unfair and unacceptable to have this nauseating and dark thinking in our minds that our football is in a bad state because of our "football people".
The government has been a big and a front runner at where our football has reached today.
I remember recently after Ghana's ignominious exit of the 2014 World Cup when the then President, John Mahama established a commission to inquire on our activities before, during and after the World Cup which took the Dzamefe-led commission close to three months of sitting to reveal some startling and unimaginable revelations which included how the government airlifted fans from Ghana to Brazil, among others, and the brouhaha that came along with them.
After the work of the commission, the seat of government, flagstaff house, received the work of the commission and it is still yet to receive implementation.
It is true, though can be refuted that, the commission stated clearly in their recommendations why fans should not be airlifted to any tournaments from the coffers of the state but months after their work, the same government airlifted hundreds of fans to the AFCON in Equatorial Guinea citing reasons that they were financed by a private entity at the behove of government.
We should not forget that, the work of the commission of inquire was not only limited and specified to the Black Stars but also to every nook and cranny of our football, i.e, from the top echelons of football to the last ranking in the country, and so the outcome of the results from the commission affects every national team.
I shudder to know that this government under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo plans to send fans to India to support the National U17 which goes contrary against the works of the Dzamefe commission. Why and how should that happen when this tournament is only meant for the development of these "secondary school" boys? How important is it at all to send fans there in the first place and let alone when there are close to a million population of Ghanaians in India who can go there to support the boys? Are we not setting a wrong precedence to a tournament that do not have any price money valued at it by air-planing these estimated hundred of fans there?
From my checks, plane ticket from Ghana to India is valued to be around $1,800 per person and if hundred fans (which are more than number) are going to be sent there, it will cost the country $180,000. This, accommodation and feeding have not been estimated among other things when Kumasi Asante Kotoko plays Ashanti Gold SC in a premier league game without an electronic changing board. The fourth referee had to shout out the name of the player to be substituted before before he comes out but our ministry are happy using this money for unnecessary and immaterial things at the detriment of our football.
It's even sordid at the division one league where paper boxes are used as substitution board with white chalk used for calibrations.
These are some of the unpardonable mistakes our ministry has caused our football and are not ready to learn anything from them. How much does it cost to get an electronic changing board at a national stadium?
Some sports federations needs less than the $180,000 to survive for more than two years but our ministry led by Honourable Isaac Kwame Asiamah thinks it is more valuable to send fans to a mere juvenile U17 World Cup, which on statistics, do not give senior national teams players than the more cherished and fancied U20 World Cup.
It will be wholly wrong to suggest and have the notion that Kwesi Nyantakyi's Ghana Football Association has denigrated Ghana football to this level. Government has been a huge factor to how we have found and left our football at the mercy of world ridicule.

By: Lateef Abdul Sadick

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