We'll provide undercover support to find the third party who demanded $150,000 - Anas promises Kwesi Nyantakyi Featured
18 Jun

We'll provide undercover support to find the third party who demanded $150,000 - Anas promises Kwesi Nyantakyi

The Africa's most fearful investigation group have assured the suspended football official of an undercover support.
Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his team has said they will provide undercover support to Kwesi Nyantakyi to find the third party who demanded $150,000 ahead of their #Number12 video exposé.
The former Ghana Football Association president, Kwesi Nyantakyi made some revelations in his press statement on Monday that a third party asked him to pay $150,000 to cancel the screening of the video exposé by the Tiger Eye PI team.
The Tiger Eye PI investigation group have distance themselves from those allegations made by Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi.
Below is the full statement from the Tiger Eye PI team.
“Our attention has been drown to a statement making the rounds in the media attributed to the suspended FIFA Council member Kwesi Nyantakyi over our latest deception reporting on Ghana football.
The statement in part states that “….there was a demand on me through a third party to part with $150k for Anos to drop the videos on me. I didn’t have the said amount of rnoney to meet his demand”.
We understand that, under the circumstances Mr Nyantakyi finds himself, he would want to clutch unto ony straw to become credible. Anyone who knows Nyantakyi well, knows that he does not give up easily. And as a lawyer he knows that the rule of the game is evidence.
The claim that a third party mode a demand of $150k for Anas is a complete fabrication, a figment of Mr. Nyantakyi’s imagination and has no merit. We dare Mr Nyantakyi to name this third party. In fact, Tiger Eye is willing to provide undercover support to assist him find this third party should he extend an invitation to us again.
Regarding the purported hacking of Mr Nyontakyi’s email, this is also manufactured to make him appear like a victim. Again, we dare him to substantiate who hacked his email and how the person did. In this day of advanced technology, these events are traceable.
We wish to advise Mr Nyantakyi to address the issues uncovered by Tiger Eye investigations without seeldng to pull others into his behaviour.
The meeting was between the Tiger Eye team on the one part and Nyantakyi and Alhassan Abdulaih (Abu), former Northern regional GFA president, on the other part. Under no circumstances was there a meeting with a third party. We are not aware/privy to any meeting with former footballers and two others. This is also another lie. We are not surprised at his rate of manufacturing stories without any proof. He is good at it. From his own admissions, Mr Nyantakyi did not have the consent of the political authorities to negotiate on their behalf, yet he made a fantastic presentation on their behalf.
In conclusion, we would tike to re-emphasize that Mr. Nyantakyi was given $65k as a gift. All hotel and accommodation expenses were borne by the Tiger Eye team although this was an official meeting. The raw tape together with all documentary evidence have been submitted to the security agencies to investigate.”
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