Tuesday, 16 February 2021 21:44

Meet Tema City's Estine Kweku; the best young defender in the country

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Just few years ago, a young and energetic centre-back Estine Kweku became a walkstay and one of the most influential players at Ghanaian second tier outfit Tema City FC.


Dubbed as the best young central defender locally, Esmine stunned everyone at the club with his ability to become a mainstay in the team having moved in straight from colts level despite looking very vulnerable and inexperience then.

It is true that for most of us, goals are more exciting. Who doesn't like seeing the net rattle when a player takes a shot from 30 yards out? But winning matches requires more than scoring goals.
The game doesn’t champion spirited and quality defending the way it lauds attacking talent, ability and flair. Stellar defensive performances rarely make the highlight reel. 
The role of defenders not only require exceptional mental and physical attributes but also the ability to lead and organise a defensive line.
When it comes to Estine kweku, one of the strongest and exciting player as they say every tackle of his has a story to tell. Regarded as one of the best defenders in Ghana , Estine has always been a solid, consistent, and physically strong player.
His ability to read the game and intercept all first and loose balls, in addition to being technically gifted and tactically versatile, makes him a complete defender. 
Estine  is also capable of playing as a defensive midfielder due to his control, elegance, ball-playing ability, confidence in possession and has also got the energy and ability to do all the combative works to shield the backline.
The Tema City boy has put in solid performances for many years now and now turned into a complete package. Just 18 years, but Estine posses  exceptional quality when it comes to stopping one-on-one incidents and is usually impeccably positioned as he reads the game really well.
His general sturdiness and leadership qualities at the back has seen him earn comparisons to Juventus and Italian great, Giorgio Chiellini.
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