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Ebenezer Acquah: Meet the rising star of Skyy FC Featured

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‘’There may be people that have more talent than you but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do’’ these lines from Derek Jeter perhaps must have been the spurring element for a young center back in Ghana’s Division One League whose role on the field is to mastermind the number 5 position and donning the number 30 shirt for Skyy FC.


The center-back has played a vital role since joining the Daboase club from Kowa Naso at the start of the 2019/2020 football season. Ebenezer Acquah’s inclusion in Skyy FC’s set up has been an added advantage to the team because of the quality he possesses. 

The 19-year-old is a textbook example of an intelligent defender, as he is a versatile force who is adept in both defence and attack, and a keystone in his club’s dazzling squad. 
Whilst the Daboase based side crushes the opposition with their flowing attacking fleet, Acquah gives them the license to do so thriving in a centre-back role which requires not only defensive discipline, but exceptional game management.

He plays as a centre-back for his side and is occasionally assigned a role at either the left or the right side of defence due to his versatility. He is a clever player. He tries to do better and has done better. He is a warrior; his stamina is exceptional, he’s very strong physically, good in the air and quick on the ground, and able to run at least a kilometer at full speed in every match.
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The skinny Acquah is very durable and not afraid of pain; he even played with a broken nose and head this campaign.
Skyy FC fans love his never-say-die attitude, and he has the potential to develop into a true leader. “I am really having a wonderful time here. They’ve given me the opportunity to bring my talent to bear. My stay with them has really benefitted my development as a player as I have learnt a lot and hopes to learn more as I progress.”He told
Born in Kronum near Kumasi, it was clear at an early age that football was his passion. Little Acquah and his friends would gather around television for games. 
Together, they would be transfixed as they watch their adored stars. Bewitched, Acquah and his friends would emulate their tricks and on the streets, before seeking more organised competition with a local youth team.
Acquah began his career at colts level with the Kumasi-based Great Fighters, and later played for Thunder AFC and Kowa Naso. It was at the latter where he was discovered by the scouts of his present employers. It was inevitable that he would be noticed. Even as a child, he stood apart, spindly yet authoritative, slight but imposing.
Blending the physical, technical and mental means, his wherewithal to read the game and execute calculated passes with the utmost confidence saw him play fourteen out of fifteen league games in the first round of the league- playing every single minute registering four assists and winning 4 MVPs in the process.
His resolve is matched by his acute sensibility in defensive situations. 
His awareness of when to close down and strip the ball from opponents is impressive.
On the ball, he’s comfortable with both feet, equally capable of a fast-paced delivery into his centre-forward or playing a diagonal cross-field pass to a winger. His anticipation and reading of the game gives him an excellent interception rate, while his speed enables him to recover against the majority of forwards.
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Ebenezer Acquah idolises Spain and Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos. Frankly, apart from wearing a tough resilient character, there is a spark of Sergio Ramos in the way he moves and what he can do with the ball. At no point in his short career has he shown any fear or doubt in his capabilities.
However, to get anywhere near where the famous Spaniard’s level, he will have to work hard and continue his development. Creative and dynamic at the same time with good ball control, he possesses all the ingredients to become a complete and quality player.
The demands placed upon youngsters-both technical and mental- are enormous, requiring both immense talent and bottomless self-belief to allow such fledgelings to establish themselves.
Ebenezer Acquah possesses both in abundance. He ticks all boxes and is by no means a beacon of hope for Skyy FC.
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