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HISTORY: Fante humble Kotokoli to win 2021 Moshie Zongo Inter-Tribal Gala

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Fante makes history by becoming the first ever tribe to clinch the Moshie Zongo Inter-Tribal Gala on two occasions after edging out Kotokoli via penalty shootouts earlier today at the Anyaano School Park.

The two tribes named a strong line up against each other with Fante having Asokwa Deportivo's Setho, K.Baah, Ibrahim Tunde, Adom FC's Rafiu Koromo all in their starting XI.

Also, team Kotokoli also had the service of all their arsenals in their line up including Benab FC trio of Alex, Osei Asibey and Abdul Samed Okocha alongside Oman Thiago and dependable Baba Iddi at the back.
The game commenced on a higher note with Fante dictating the pace and pattern of play with sumptuous exchange of passes mostly in their own half but created less threats.
Kotokoli however, took charge of the game at a certain point as they always try to attack from the flanks which had both Clifford Oman and Benab FC star Alex who are beasts when it comes to take ons.
However, the 2016 winners also relied greatly on their pacy widemen of K.Baah and Mike but the discipline laterals of Kotokoli pitting skipper Abdul Aziz Baggio ensured they denied them penetration into their area.
The Pinks made two dangerous incursions in the first half as Oman Thiago had his free kick collected by goalkeeper Rafiu Koromo of Fante. Meanwhile, Black Satellites defender Emmanuel Osei Abbey also sent a fine drive but sky off the crossbar.
In the second half, both teams went back to the drawing board to right all their wrongs and came really dangerous in the second half taking the game at each other in a quest to ultimately snatch the lead.
Fante had a very dangerous opportunity in the early stages of the second half but their forward Camacho had his shot blocked by goalkeeper Mohammed, a follow up strike from Gyasi was also cleared just on the line by Salia.
The Fantes drove forward again from the left as Tunde launched a decent cross to locate his markers in the penalty area but goalkepper Mohammed once again jumped high over everyone to pile it out from his zone.
Finally, lanky lateral, Tunde broke the deadlock of the game with a fine follow up drive after K.Baah has had his cross punched out by the Kotokoli goalkepper. Fante with the lead at the Wembley.
Team Kotokoli tried to restore themselves pressing and attacking with so much intent and purpose to get back on level but their early attempts proved futile.
Abdul Samed Okocha controlled a delicious pass from midfield and sent a decent inswing cross into the box but was gathered calmly by goalkeeper Rafiu Koromo of Adom FC.
Oman Thiago serge Kotokoli in attack again in quest to get the equaliser but a brilliant challenge from Gyasi dispossessed him along the move resulting into a wasteful corner kick. 
The first timers not giving up anytime soon as substitute Luka Modric awesomely raced his way through a sea of defenders and launched another cross but Rafiu again comes off his line to grab that one.
Just and when many thought Fante were winning in an open play, Kotokoli found the back of the net in the dying embers of the game to remain in the clash.
Black Satellites's Osei Asibey sent a long free kick from the middle which perfectly met the head of Oman Thiago who also directed straight into the roof of the post to get his team back on track. Just what they have been striving and dying for.
Despite the even excganges, no goal was produced again as it finished 1-1 after regulation time. 
The Fante tribe eventually won 5-3 on penalties to become the conquerors of the 2021 Moshie Zongo Inter-tribal Galah, becoming the first tribe to win it on two occasions; in 2016 and 2021.
Camacho (Fante)
Micky (Gruma) - 4 goals 
Rafiu Koromo (Fante)
Ofori Antwi (Fante)
Owuraku (Kusaase)
Rashid (Fante)
Team Gao
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