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Agencies Under The Ministry of Youth and Sports (Ghana)

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports remains one of the highly ranked Ministries under the Government of Ghana and has undergone several changes in its structure and functions to reflect the policy directions of the ruling Government.  

In 1978 the Ministry was re-designed for only sports headed by a Commissioner for Sports, who was directly responsible to the then Head of State of the Republic.

In the year 2005, the Ministry was merged with the Ministry of Education to form the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.  
A year later the Youth and Sports segment of this Ministry were separated. The Sports segment was combined with Education and Science to form the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports whilst the Youth segment was merged with Employment and Manpower Planning to form the Ministry of Employment, Youth and Manpower Planning.
The Government in January 2009, decided to re-establish the Ministry to represent an emergent trend, among countries worldwide particularly in the Commonwealth Nations, which acknowledges the inherent advantages in the natural affinity between Youth and Sports as an instrument for national development.
The Ministry as it stands now implements its goals and objectives through the following Agencies and Institutions:
1. The National Sports Authority (NSA)
2. The National Youth Authority (NYA)
3. The National Sports College (NSC, Winneba)
All You Need To Know About The Agencies Under The Ministry of Youth and Sports 
1. National Sports College (NSC), Winneba
The National Sports College, Winneba exists by SMC Decree No. 54, 1976 and amended by PNDC Law in 1984.
It exists to train and retrain the technical human resource, conduct research into sport related issues, organize courses, clinics, seminars and workshops, provide camping facilities to the national and local teams and identify, select and nurture potential talented soccer and tennis players in the communities.
2. National Youth Authority (NYA)
The National Youth Authority (NYA) exists to develop a dynamic and disciplined youth imbued with the spirit of nationalism and a sense of public service and morality, and to provide for related matters.
The objects of the National Youth Authority are:
 To develop the creative potential of the youth;
— To develop a dynamic and disciplined youth imbued with a spirit of nationalism, patriotism and a sense of propriety and civic responsibility; and
— To ensure the effective participation of the youth in the development of the country.
3. The National Sports Authority (NSA)
The NSA exists to provide for the development, promotion and management of sports and to provide for related matters.
The objects of the NSA are:
1. To promote and encourage the organization and development of, and mass participation in all sporting activities.
2. To encourage increased participation and improved performance in sports.
3. To encourage the private sector to contribute to the funding, development and promotion of sports.
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