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FEATURE: There is hope in GHALCA Featured

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By: Lateef Abdul Sadick
I have not grew up much into the issues of GHALCA as a young journalist but those of the recent past administration that I have seen and known, this Cudjoe Fianoo's led GHALCA is brimming to the fullest tip to convince me that Ghanaian clubs have some future as to their relationship and dealings with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) that they have a farther and strong wings to fight for their interest.
I have stood to be very neutral when it comes to issues with football in this country and in some ways the GFA is not doing/have not being doing, as a matter of fact, have not done enough to help the clubs in this country though I concur that club administrators that run these clubs in Ghana are more to be blamed in letting the clubs down channeling their (administrators) interest first.
It will be very difficult and imprudent for anyone to say the FA has not stifled the clubs of recent late and has made the clubs incapacitated to fight the association in getting what is entitled them. Though they will and can fight of a genuine course but the FA's skirmishes and strength will lay and blow them off like an elephant stepping on an ant.
One cannot begrudge the clubs for not being able to wrestle out and be au fait with deals and sponsorships that the FA ascends for the league or any that involves the clubs because the clubs have rested its powers to a body that shall fight for them as any organization has but it is very much unfortunate that this body has always failed the clubs in discharging her duties as a soul body representing the clubs.
The call for proper structures and implementation of these terms to help Ghanaian clubs run effectively and efficiently at the GHALCA was left overdue before the coming of these administration led by Cudjoe Fianoo and their (Cudjoe Fianoo's) coming has given and jolted the knees of these clubs under the organization a hope to live and believe that fruitful results will surface at the end of the tunnel.
Petitioning the FA for a copy of the contract of the StarTime deal by the GHALCA is heart whelming and augury to how eager this administration wants to help these clubs from the routinely dilly-dallies of the FA even though this is just a microcosm of what is expected of them in a multifarious ways GHALCA can give live back to football clubs in this country. It is just a run-of-the-mill and can do more.
Recently, we saw how the GHALCA held on their share of 2.5% transfer deal with the FA which the latter wanted to slash half of it for grassroots football development but the former insisted with genuine reasons as to why it should be maintained to help the clubs. It is important to note that it did not make the GHALCA a superior body to the Ghana Football Association.
GHALCA were known to be a toothless and spineless organ of football in this country most especially during the regime of Alhaji Raji where there were many malfeasance and misappropriation of funds which passed through the hands of those at the tip of events who called the shots but could not fight for the clubs at top level domain thereby enshrined the clubs to day life obsession but needless and purposeless in running a single football season comfortably.
It was very obvious that organization of a day or two tournament was an herculean and unbearable task for the pass administration of GHALCA  of which many organized tournament for clubs in this country turned out to be a fiasco except the penultimate G6 tournament which was held in Takoradi a season ago under Alhaji Raji's tenure which ushered in last season's league. I believe and they also know that it is the only organized tournament they can take pride of.
As GHALCA writes to the FA to announce her clubs unwilling to participate in the upcoming two-day-organized Gala at the Baba Yara sports stadium because of the exiguous participation fee and not privy to the StarTime deal, it is up to the FA to come to terms and understand that, GHALCA under Cudjoe Fianoo has taken a different turn and is ready to fight and negotiate for her clubs which the previous one never did.
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