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Are the local media to be blamed for promoting European football more than our local game? Featured

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Instead of discussing our local game, they talk about foreign football with the lion's share of their time. Quips many a Ghanaian football followers. Who should take responsibility for this? media? the Football Association? the clubs? or the average Ghanaian football faithful? This article will give readers a detailed description of everyone's role in promoting and supporting the growth of our local game.

Promoting our football and elevating it to the level of others is a wonderful thing, indeed. That has various advantages in a variety of ways. It enhances player visibility, increases their worth on the transfer market, and draws sponsors and investors globally. The advantages of marketing our football include these and a wide range of others. However, whether it be important or minor ones, all stakeholders  have a role to play in a football club. 
Admittedly, it is glaring that, the media plays a significant role in marketing the sport. We have come to the conclusion that, the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, in particular, are so alluring that, the average Ghanaian football fan cannot resist them. These leagues have worked hard to make watching football appealing and enjoyable. 
Additionally, the media must strive to reflect the preferences of the vast majority of its viewers. The public generally prefers to listen to conversations about European football news than our local game. This, is largely because European football has such a large audience and corporate entities would also associate with brands that can give them the mileage they so deserve. Because of this, the only thing our local media can do is talk about European football and rake in revenue off, of it. 
Majority of the responsibility for making our football appealing and captivating falls on the doorstep of the  Football Association. When it comes to football in the country, the Ghana Football Association is the regulating body. They need to make sure that our football gets to the highest echelon as witnessed in some African countries. 
They have the authority to take all the necessary action, put in the right measures to make our league thrilling to watch. To make it interesting and worthwhile to watch, they must invest in, manage, direct, and plan our football from the grassroots level to the topflight division. Clubs and their supporters have important responsibilities to play in promoting in the game.
Clubs must effectively market themselves and take all necessary steps to draw fans to their various match venues in order to generate revenue and use it to advance the club. As stakeholders, supporters must draw closer to their clubs and offer financial assistance to the clubs.
Everybody, especially the FA has a significant role to play in promoting our local football. Therefore, it is completely impolite to solely blame our local media for promoting European Football ahead of ours.
By: Abass Amir Mohammed 
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