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Mr. Honorable please spare us the talks, sports is not Politics

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In recent times politicians have strongly develop the habit of passing unnecessary comments and starting an unsubstantiated arguments on our sports, especially football as if they have the technical understanding of it.
Surprisingly, most of this comments and arguments are 'baseless' without having any facts to back it. The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is the leading organization that has been the major target when it comes to organizational accusations in terms of sporting issues.
I will be putting across some couple of interviews that a 'certain' politician and Member of Parliament (MP) as such in this country granted which I strongly believe the serious repercussions that comes with it can help jeopardize our sports, especially football, in terms of investors, sponsorship and business magnates trooping in to help lift it, by way of investment.
"We (NPP Government) promised to construct new stadiums, but it won't be possible for us to construct five stadiums during our term."
"It is theoretical to build five stadiums in four years, maybe two can be possible."
This same honorable went ahead to slam the FA over the continual appointment of expatriates coaches and lied to the public that the $3 million-a-year sponsorship between the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the Black Stars has been dropped.
"The foreign coaches are disintegrating our national teams. We're paying $70,000 but ain't getting good results."
All this comments that the MP made was very shameful. Is he trying to talk for the Sports Minister and if he deem it appropriate to spit out certain things, why would't he cross-check before coming out, rather than lying to the general public and creating unnecessary tensions?. But, however, I felt happy that the sports minister came out to debunk such claims and spoke on his authority
as the sector minister.
Besides, the President of the republic deemed it necessary when he appointed Mr. Isaac Asiamah as the sports minister. So granting interviews to spark controversies will not do him and the government any good.
Personally, I vividly think most of this radio, television stations and tabloids should up their work by exhibiting great deal of professionalism, and stop granting interviews to people whom they strongly know they don't have any factual idea on the question they will ask them, but they (interviewer) are only ready to listen to the hearsay of what that politician will say and make a huge story
from a section of that interview to help generate the needed audience without thinking about the negative implications that it will bring on our sports.
Moving on, this same politician has not done or contribute in any way to help improve sports in this country, but he will come out, accuse a certain organization and its officials for not helping to improve it. Am always gutted whenever MP's try to slam the FA unnecessarily, meanwhile in his constituency nothing, totally nothing has been done to help the youth who are just loitering around
desperately looking for a little push to help them realize their sporting aspirations.  But this same MP when given an opportunity to comment on an issue, but then will crookedly beat around the bush and then finally spit out unsavory comment that does not even make sense to human-hearing.
It is hard time we sanitize the airwaves, because the radio and TV stations are where this comments are made. Concluding with this writ-up I will strongly plead with the production teams of our various radio and TV sports programs to always contact the appropriate brains on a specific sporting questions, rather than always running to the politician whilst they ignore the people who might answer them factually and solidly that will prompt the general public and the sporting association being talked about to do the right thing.
However, a political show host will never contact a football administrator or Olympic committee boss to seek his view on the state of the economy or internal wrangling of a political party! Never. It is time for each and every one of us (sports journalists) to help improve the standard of sports in this country, rather than seeking the view of a 'certain' politician who cannot even describe the difference
between an academy and a colts team.
Written By: Pascal N.G Amoah
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