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Kotoko took Polack for a cheap ride; free lesson for Polack's successors Featured

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We've all come to acquiesced to the obvious fact that, coaches give some much meaning to the diminutive revolution of modern football which calls for the coach or manager to be equipped with all the necessary arsenal to aid him to venture all battles envisaged ahead of a football season if the club is to be successful.
In special cases where a coach does not open up to players he will need to help him succeed in a club, that will be welcoming for his dismissal which looks quite strange for a coach who seeks nothing but success to not recommend players to augment his side.
It will always look awkward and nauseating to say the least, for a club to have a go at a coach who have been denied the requisite materials to help him succeed after providing him with charfs when it is public knowledge that he made recommendations to management to get his squad bolster for the upcoming season.
Let us not forget that, Coach Steven Polack came to Asante Kotoko halfway through last season which denied him the opportunity to strengthen his squad.
Many feeble answers came along when questions where asked as to why the any player hasn't been signed for Polack by the management of Kotoko and from the clout and pedigree of a club like Asante Kotoko have chalked over the years, it was easily to reach the denouement of the theatric minds of Dr. Kyei's management on Steven Polack.
Putting aside the head coach being giving a year contract as the management of Kotoko have always wanted us to believe, whiles his assistant giving a two-year-contract, clearly started the impression of an ill-melace against the coach.
I personally would not concur to the notion that Coach Steve Polack did not have enough preparation before the CAF Confederations Cup double header against Club Athletique Renaissance Ainglo  (CARA), because I have watched almost every training and matches of Asante Kotoko during their pre-season and I can attest to the fact that Polack rigorously gave out everything to get the best of his availables who were not quality enough to compete at any given tournament.
Asante Kotoko, having lost their pride and value on the African continent after failing to make headway beyond the second round of the preliminaries in the continental club game, should be finding amicable ways to regaining their lost pride rather than cheaply using an innocent coach who was cuffed at the hand behind him after denying him players to work as a whipping example.
Instead of assessing themselves and their competency as management team and working on how to running Asante Kotoko efficiently, Dr. Kwame Kyei and his subordinates have chosen to politicize the of firing coaches as surrender their weak and loop management structure.
Using coaches as scapegoat when they goof after exhibiting managerial and administrative paralyses would not parade them as the demigods and brain's in football management but rather exposes their ineptitude and the level of their know-how to football management which many believe they lack the technical brains to run effectively a club like Kotoko.
The case of Coach Steve Polack's short tenure at Kotoko is an empirical example of a father taking his son to the gutters as punishment for his son's abysmally performance in his terminal exams after the father denied him school fees, test books and the necessities that will help the child to learn and get the grades in class.
The successor of Steve Polack at Kotoko will not have any exceptional reception to work and will also ride on these pathways coaches under Dr. Kwame Kyei's eighteen-months administration have gone through, thus, will lead to his failure since there's no succession plan for coaches. The only one they have is to sack coaches if they fail with charfs.
Dr. Kwame Kyei and his management have so far proven their gutless and spineless nature and will continue to take coaches on a ride when they fail when obviously it was their fault as management.
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