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Kudjo Fianoo slams Nyantakyi's facebook post 'childish' Featured

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GHALCA Boss Kudjo Fianoo has hit back at Ghana FA chief Kwesi Nyantakyi after the latter described him as a man with a 'small mind'.
Kudjo Fianoo launched a scathing attack on Kwesi Nyantakyi, calling him a “selfish " leader who "travels more than pilot" and does not have the local football at heart following the official broadcast holders of the Ghana Premier League, StarTimes' proposal which will have clubs move from their home venues to designated grounds suitable for match-day coverage.
But in a sharp rebuttal on Facebook, the GFA President described Fianoo as a man with a “small mind” who is not well abreast with modern management practices.
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people," Nyantakyi quoted Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt.
He added that Fianoo should desist from instigating hatred against him and focus on his mandate as the Chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association, Ghalca.
Astonishingly, Fianoo, 63, has launched extraordinary attack on Nyantakyi in response to his 'small mind' remarks.
The Ghalca Chairman jeered at Nyantakyi on his 'great mind' comments.
He responded by referring to a  consultative meeting which was later turned into congress on February 21, 2018.
"If Nyantakyi calls me little mind, he should know great minds does not turn consultative meeting into congress," Fianoo told
"The little mind didn't create coefficient and unclassified payment,"
"I'm not perturbed by his childish facebook post," Fianoo stated.
The feud between the Ghana FA chief, Kwesi Nyantakyi and Ghalca boss Kudjo Fianoo started when the latter assumed office in April 2016.
By: Augustus Opoku
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