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FEATURE: Nyantakyi's lost interest Sharply call for a Change Featured

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I'm the least perturbed and unsurprised in the current sorry state of Ghana football, and I am very much sure you are not any different because I'll be taken aback if you are.
This current apology of a situation Ghana Football is in now kept me reminiscing what my late mum told me during most of my formative life that, the acquisition and, in this case of Kwesi Nyantakyi, "dominance" of power without any recourse to adherence to the hue and cry of the masses, will in the foreseeable future, cripple you down and deject you, even when you thought you were helping the masses.
So far as the people are hugely against what you think is right and have used it to enriched your reaching the top echelons of it, you will end up bowing out with an indelible mark which is not a palatable one.
This statement by my late mum is so much true that even the cohorts and backbenchers of Kwesi Nyantakyi who drunk and, in fact, still drink with him are now fighting against him which remains a smooth testament to the fact that our football has reached a level where it need a paradigm shift in all aspect.
Ghana Football Association and for that matter, Kwesi Nyantakyi has enriched himself through Ghana Football by reaching an enviable height to FIFA which has relegated all interest to promote and bring the local league back in-situ.
I do remember like just yesterday, my mother also told me that when a situation like this present itself especially when you feel you're doing your best to revive an itching situation, a lot of tantrums and vituperations will follow and it will come across all cylinders in every sphere of life including those who dined and partied with you. There, you will be grossly tested on your leadership acumen and your genuine being.
It is a reality and a fact that the era of Kwesi Nyantakyi has reached a conclusive end even before the final day of the next election of the GFA Presidency. This is really a time for Kwesi Nyantakyi to let his conscience and strong intuitions he has as his repertoire preach the hard truth to him and resend any decision he has in contesting for the Presidency again.
I vividly recollect most of his interviews he's granted of his intentions not to return to the seats again after 2019 but from his responds yesterday on Facebook to Cudjoe Fianoo on their fracas saying "...Just yesterday the UEFA congress passed a new amendment that makes it mandatory for members of the UEFA executive committee to hold active positions on their federations as president, vice president, general secretary or chief executive officer. My last trip to the CAF exco meeting in morocco and being part of the CAF delegation to the UEFA congress in Bratislva offered the GFA, CAF and other African FAs direct benefits through my presence" clearly indicates his desire to man the football association beyond 2019 since it is an open secret that Kwesi Nyantakyi is craving for more times at CAF and FIFA.
Mr. Osman Nyantakyi should not be cajoled with that aspersions in trying to re-engineer a possible term as the GFA President because the masses are purely and heartily against him now. Even the "football people" care not to dare the bluff of "his" football association after massive fall-out of events in a worrisome way.
Kwesi Nyantakyi will forever remain one of the revered FA Presidents with enviable achievement in the history folklore in Ghana Football even with this lowest ebb our football has reached during his tenure with lots of football litigation with association clubs particularly, in this third term of his office.
As one who desirously admire Mr. Nyantakyi, I wish I could advice him to resign from his post anon just to save the remaining integrity and dignity he's calve for himself over the years as the GFA President but he has irrevocably expressed his wants to be at post despite several calls for him to resign.
What I'm worried about is that even as Kwesi Nyantakyi has chosen not to resign, he has little or no time at all for him to put the crocked piece together to bring Ghana Football to its shape before the next election in 2019 which will tear-off credence in retaining his post should he decide to contest for the seat.
He will only and now understand that his desire and interest to hold the position as the GFA President is no more at this excoriating times is when he recognizes that he cannot have the temperament and "stomach" to contain criticisms which some turns into insults when he's known to be a tolerant leader- case study of his Facebook post to Cudjoe Fianoo, the GHALCA Chairman.
When all interest and desire run out, one has no alternative than to call it a quit or stay unto the stipulated time and leave the rest to the people when the time elapses. There is much to value in life, specially, Ghana Football than to holding power when the system and mechanisms are no more favourable and workable. Bowing out intelligently at a proper time
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