FEATURE: Is It A Must That The Normalization Committee To Organize Football For Us? Featured
07 Feb

FEATURE: Is It A Must That The Normalization Committee To Organize Football For Us?

I've been asking myself plethora of questions on the works of the Normalization Committee of the Ghana FA after barely five months in office as to whether it is necessary for them to organize any football competition for us in this state of our game and if their mandate set by FIFA enumerates one which is bent on them to stage a football competition for us after postponing the supposed Normalization Committee Special Competition for the third time.

For what reason whatsoever that has culminated in Dr. Kofi Amoah's led Normalization Committee failure to organize this "simple" and "only" competition, I do believe the adroit posture of the members of the committee carried and gave glimpses of better restructuring of football in Ghana post Kwesi Nyantakyi but regrettably, Ghanaian and the ardent football fans are in sober reflection if truly the aftermath of the "Number 12" exposé, which has brought about the creation of this Normalization Committee, will borne any positive result to our game.

In as much as I believe that the Normalization Committee are imposing on themselves what is not expected from them and are failing to execute what is not expected from them, it is prerequisite for them to allow a visible roadmap to resuscitate proper football environment again before any football competition follows.

In accepting the undeniable factor that the football populace need football, it should not give the Normalization Committee the leeway to infuse a competition that is already finding it difficult to place itself in Ghanaian football diaries in our attempt to revive and normalize football in this country.

By exhausting their stipulated mandate by FIFA which the Normalization Committee are yet to draw down and exhaust any of them, there would be a stringent and prudent path to allow competitive games in this country.

If I may be right, the brain behind the "Number 12" documentary was not to stop the continuation of football in the country but to ensure proper administration of the game in the country which the Normalization Committee must focus on.

Placing emphasis on organizing temporal football for clubs in the country at the expense of putting proper administrative structures, which hitherto left our football in the mercy of termites and 127 Executive Committee members as against the entire population, it would turnout to leave the relevance of the "Number 12" in blushes of which will plant in investors and beneficiaries of the game an orchestrated attempted to deprive them of their daily bread.

The Normalization Committee must understand and bare it in mind that, though Ghanaian have missed competitive football action and weekly local games, it is not a way for them to unnecessarily herald football, local football, in the country when it is not ready. If we've waited for eight months, who says we can't wait till the proper administrative structures are well established and instilled to allow a profiting football competitions in the country that will be attractive and "commerciable" to all?

We want football but not in the manner of how it was administered by the erstwhile Kwesi Nyantakyi's regime and that's how and what we are seeing under this Normalization Committee.


By: Lateef Abdul Sadick @LateefSportsmid on twitter

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