GFA Election: Fred Pappoe plans strict measures on governance in next GFA Featured
11 Oct

GFA Election: Fred Pappoe plans strict measures on governance in next GFA

Aspiring Ghana Football Association President Fred Pappoe has lined out comprehensive measures on governance to comply with the ever growing modernization of the world's followed game in the next football administration if elected the next President of the Ghana Football Association.

In his manifesto, he outlined governance as a key area that needs to be tackled head on to pave way for other areas to strive in order to redeem the GFA from public ridicule as was left in the previous administration.
The former Executive Committee member identified poor work ethics, weak and outdated administrative and financial management as part of measures that should be adhered to in the quest to bringing back Ghana football in-situ.
He spelt out the need to enforce the new status and regulations that were agreed on in the last congress which will solidify his vision of instilling proper governance in the next football administration when elected President.
Fred Pappoe acquiesce the numerous setbacks in the governance and administrative level that entangled recent football administration and plans to make quick interventions to curb the ever growing phenomenon.
He states that a prudent preparation of a medium term strategy to initiate an effective and well instituted governance at the administrative level and the adoption of a proper and applicable code of conducts for officials at the administrative level are some of the plans put in place to revive, redeem and restore proper governance of football in the country.
He further admits that the inclusion of all competent and abilities, eschewing the mantra of "football people" , will also go a long way to give development to the game without disregard to introducing a mandatory insurance scheme to footballers, referees and team officials.
With a solid adherence to strict governance lied out in his manifesto, Fred Pappoe believes it is a lead way to projecting the image of Ghana football back to its proper place.
The next GFA election is scheduled to take place on the 25th of October, 2019 barring any unforeseen circumstances.
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