You have recruited 35 years players, not Under-20!" Jabir rips Kotoko management over youth players recruitment Featured
25 Nov

You have recruited 35 years players, not Under-20!" Jabir rips Kotoko management over youth players recruitment

The Kumasi-based club announced the capturing of 40 prospective stars for their youth team ranks, but the tough-talking gaffer was not impress with the talent hunting exercise by his former employers

Former Kumasi Asante Kotoko coach Malik Jabir has chastised the management members of the  club following their youth players recruitment exercise and believes such was an exercise in futility.
The Ghanaian heavyweight dissolved their youth team ranks last term when the current bankroller took charge. 
However, the incessant signing of top-notch stars has yielded no positive result in the mainstream squad — a situation that has necessitated the re-establishment of the junior ranks to continue serving as the club's feeder side.
This, the fire-spitting coach thinks the newly-recruited young prospects cannot help the course of the club as he questioned their right ages for the intended purpose over their recruitment.
"Do we even have an U-20 players in this country? Those U-20 players are all 35 and not 20!'' the fire-spitting gaffer fumed on Kumasi-based Angel FM.'' But even why U-20 and why are you starting with U-20 now?'' he continues ranting.
''I want to let you know that the lifespan of any Ghanaian player is 35 years unlike Europe where we have the effective youth team system that begins at the age of 14 with better diets,''
''They should better stop this their [thing] immediately. They should not underrate these second cycle student players as they are the best to poach for such recruitment exercise for their future team,''
''But as for Kumasi guys, they are just going to sign old men as U-20 players. This is very true as I will never shield away from the truth.''
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