Lateef Writes: Dr. Kofi Amoah Must Hear: Who Financed Sports Journalists To Egypt For AFCON Draw? Featured
13 Apr

Lateef Writes: Dr. Kofi Amoah Must Hear: Who Financed Sports Journalists To Egypt For AFCON Draw?

We were in this country when journalists excoriated and pooh-poohed the erstwhile Kwesi Nyantakyi administration for lavishly spending money on some selected and "pro Nyantakyi" sports journalists to either cover main football tournaments or draw for a tournament. These, we were made to understand augured not well for the development of the game and country as tax payers money were mercilessly misused.

One could hardly disagree with this as to why the Football Association, if so, will choose to fund some selected journalists to cover just a draw of a tournament which wouldn't have any significance to our game when clubs were dying on exiguous monies given them by the FA to run a whole season.
I will be right if I say what's wrong yesterday cannot and will never be right today and tomorrow.
The draw for the Egypt 2019 Africa Cup of Nations was held yesterday in Cairo and surprisingly, majority of sports journalists who gospel that it was wrong for the Football Association to finance sports journalists to any events where lead figures at the event in Cairo.
It could be that, those journalists financed themselves the trip to Egypt for the AFCON Draw but I am in no knowledge to testify that just like they had none when they claimed Nyantakyi's administration financed the trips of some journalists to events and international games.
For that reason, it is true to say that these journalists were also financed by the Normalization Committee for this draw which makes every bit of wrongdoing during Kwesi Nyantakyi's regime sordid now which Ghanaians expected those sports journalists led by example in this reformation period of our football. He who pays the piper, calls the tune.
Let any Ghanaian who choose to say these journalists were only "hungry" and aggrieved-journalists then because they were left out by Kwesi Nyantakyi's administration so they did everything possible to seek his downfall so as to be chipped in, the person would be right.
We are now left to cement the believe that, Ghana Football has turned into friends and cronies and that those who mingle and agree with each other source, lick and suck from the coffers of the Football Association to the detriment of the main actors of the game and tax payers.
In this period of normalizing our football in the aftermath of the Anas exposé, sports journalists are supposed to be main leaders in the reformation and restructuring of football as we were the cheer leaders to evaporate the air the wrongdoings of Kwesi Nyantakyi which led to the Number 12 documentary.
However, unfortunately, we are rather exacerbating what led to this ebb we have in our football.
If our football returns, after this normalization period, to this kind of state again in some few years time which, as it stands look likely, sports journalists who beat the drum for the downfall of Kwesi Nyantakyi's administration will don the shirts of apology to Ghanaian football lovers since our actions as sports journalists in the wake of the Anas exposé is treading on the same path that brought down Kwesi Nyantakyi's empire.
In all, I am of the strong belief that these sports journalists who were in Cairo for the AFCON 2019 Draw on Friday funded themselves throughout the event just as I've always had for those during Kwasi Nyantakyi's reign.
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