GFA Elections: I lost the Ashanti RFA election because of 'Waakye' - Defeated Osei Nsiah cries Featured
18 Oct

GFA Elections: I lost the Ashanti RFA election because of 'Waakye' - Defeated Osei Nsiah cries

The Retired referee has expressed his disappointment at delegates after failing to win in the Ashanti Regional Football Association elections.

Former Ghanaian referee Osei Nsiah says his opponent Osei Tutu Agyemang 'Kotoro' won the regional elections after feeding delegates with pack of 'Waakye' in the early morning.
According to Mr. Nsiah, the winner Osei Tutu Agyemang 'Kotoro' invited almost 70% of delegates to a popular location in Kumasi to feed them with pack of Waakye to vote on his behalf.
"Delegates have really shown they are not reliable, this morning they were asked to come to a certain place, when they got there, they were fed with waakye", he told Otec FM
"The delegates assured me with 40 votes during the campaign but this morning I realized you cannot rely on them (delegates) because they were asked to go to a certain place and when they went, I'm told they were fed with Waakye"
"Delegates cannot be predicted, they have their different way of behaving"
Osei Tutu Agyemang polled 41 votes to retain the seat as Osei Nsiah had only 29.
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