Jordan Ayew is one of the best attackers in the EPL - Swansea boss Featured
13 Apr

Jordan Ayew is one of the best attackers in the EPL - Swansea boss

The Swansea manager has lauded the qualities of the Ghana international.
Swansea boss Carlos Carvahal says Black Stars forward Jordan Ayew is one of the best attackers in the English Premier League.
“We have an important player coming back,” Carvahal told the club's website.
“To me he is one of the best attackers in the Premier League and we are very happy to have him back.
“He makes a big impact in our team and we expect on Saturday that he can make an impact.”
“We just put Jordan in a position where he is comfortable and tell him to play with freedom and with a clear head,” Carvalhal added.
“I am sure if you have a flower and you care for it with the correct amount of sun and the correct amount of water, the flower will be beautiful.
“All the flowers can be beautiful, but if they have too much sun or too much water, they will die.
“It’s about having a nice environment for the players. They have to be in a comfortable position with smiles on their faces. Then they will do well.”
Ayew has enjoyed his best form in a Swans shirt since Carvalhal arrived in Wales at the end of December, with six of his 10 goals this season coming under the Portuguese’s stewardship.
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