31 Oct

FEATURE: The Lying Tongue Of The Sports Ministry To The Transparent Call Of The Public!

In most countries in this unfair world, sports and football in general has been a major player in helping an economy grow exceedingly.

The unending needless pandemonium surrounding the sports ministry in their unavailability and readiness in paying per diems and bonuses might not, somehow, end now as this behavior has prompted the various less fancied national teams [Black Maidens, Black Queens etc] to cultivate the habit of quickly demanding their full entitlements as soon as they arrive from international assignments.

As a young inquisitive sports journalist, I have been researching and asking myself so many questions and thinking heavily lately, simply because I have not been able to come to terms with certain issues which is confronting and holding back our beloved sport.

I have had the opportunity to throw mind-boggling questions to folks who normally refer to themselves as ‘Football People’, but it seems none has been able to give me a satisfactory answer to sleep with.

The No Money Delirium

It seems ‘the no money’ statement is gradually becoming part of us, looking at the uncountable cases that we have observed after every match by our various national women’s team.
In September 2015, the Black Queens refused to leave the M-Plaza Hotel in Accra after returning from the 2015 All-African Games in Congo – where they won gold – over unpaid outstanding bonuses.

Each player of the team was supposed to receive an accumulated amount of $23,000 including outstanding bonuses from the previous qualifying matches running into years.

However the Sports Ministry offered each player a paltry $2000 after clinching their first ever gold medal in the competition.

Attempts to have the team accept the $2000 with the usual mantra ‘No Money’ proved ostensibly futile at least for a while. The girls however became resolute by remaining adamant they want all their outstanding bonuses settled before they moved an inch from the hotel.

President Steps In

President John Dramani Mahama who was away by then ordered for the immediate resolution of the problem after getting briefed on the situation by his close allies.

After the Sports Ministry mobilized the funds, which they claim they do not have, to settle the Black Queens, it still remains a misery and questions lurking around the ministry are seriously begging for answers.

As I continue with this write-up, I will open up certain issues for us to all judge and bring this situation to its logical and meaningful conclusion.

Observing this situation afar and listening to mouthpieces of the ministry, I strongly believe and stand on my earlier stance that the Sports Ministry are not being truthful in disseminating information to the public.

Twist And Turns! Total lies and Gibberish?

The Black Maidens exhibited a remarkable performance in the 2016 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup in Jordan – where they were quarter-finalists.

Just after exiting the tournament and arriving in the country, the young girls had it at the back of their heads that their entitlements will be duly given them.

But what did we hear?

This same Sports Ministry are now claiming that their inability to pay per diems and bonuses to the Maidens is simply because their accounts have been frozen due to debts incurred by the Local Organizing Committee [LOC] of CAN 2008.

“We are in court against some firms who did some work for the CAN 2008
and due to this legal battle the court has frozen our account,” the PRO of the Ministry Mr. Otto Plahar revealed.

“Because of this we are unable to withdraw money from the account to pay the Black Maidens.”

$1,000 Payment Made

Fresh reports emerging indicates that the Black Maidens and the technical handlers of the team, however, received an amount of $1,000 each and have been promised to receive the remaining of their per diems at a later date. They were supposed to receive an amount of $2,800.

Meanwhile, no management member was said to have received a dime.

Concluding this write-up, this issue buttresses the perception that female footballers are given less priority compared to their male counterparts.

Most of these girls or better still ladies, are the bread winners of their huge families, with some of them paying the fees of their younger siblings.

So if the Sports Ministry refuse to pay them what they’re due, where else are they expected to get the money, to buy pads and come into a game and perform wholeheartedly?

I still reckon that the Sports Ministry are not sincere and their dealings clearly show that they are not transparent and might be up for something fishy that might jeopardize women football and sports at large.


Written By: Pascal Amoah

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