Friday, 05 January 2018 19:15

Sherifatu Sumaila spews out discrimination on women's football Featured

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Sherifatu Sumaila spews out discrimination on women's football Image credit: Kickgh
Former Black Queens player, Sherifatu Sumaila has taken time to express her disappointment on how women's football is handled by the Ghana Football Association.
She took to her Facebook page to express her gross frustration on how women's football is neglected in the country by those at the helms of affairs even though she believes the Black Queens, who "toil hard for the nation" deserves more than what the Black Stars and other national teams get.
She also lamented that, the women's national team require just a little attention by the Ghana Football Association to get to where they ought to get during international competition and since authorities have turned blind eyes to the activities of the Black Queens, the nation should not expect anything better from the national.
In what she describes as "despicable discrimination" on the Black Queens, the women's national team will only churn out what is invested in them which she explained in clear words that "an eye for an eye", "a tooth for a tooth".
She calls on the attention on the leaders of Womens Football and the Ghana Football Association in general to at least give the needed respect women's football deserves.
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