10 Jun

Response from Government has been positive — Henry Asante

The Director of Communication for Ghana Football Association, Henry Asante Twum has revealed that the response from government concerning the league has always been positive.

According to Asante, the cancellation of the league is not needed for now because the Executive Council are having an ongoing meeting with the government advisory committee on COVID – 19.
He also said the cancellation of the league will also affect the sponsors (Star Times) and what will the FA say if the league is being cancelled also NASCO is providing products which will pay them back a millage.
“Where we are at this moment is not good, you have to look at the plus, the minuses, you look at the advantages and the disadvantages before," Asante told Accra-based radio station Kingdom 107.7 FM
"After doing all these analysis you will see that where we are is not favourable but just waking up without consulting and engaging anyone but you announced that the season is cancelled without looking at all these parameters, what will happen?
“We will continue to consult them. The Executive Council decided to use eight weeks for enough time to engage the government. The engagement is ongoing. There are daily meetings with the government advisory committee on COVID-19.
“Response from government has always been positive about the league and a very clear indication is what happened last week according to Sports Minister, Hon. Isaac Asiama’s speech, saying they are always in dialogue with the association.
“Government have accepted to come to an aid of all the sporting disciplines in this country. Initially, the talk was on football but he is looking on all sporting disciplines with his support.
“Maybe, we couldn’t get it how we expected but meetings with the government up to the cabinet level, even to the extent that they considered our proposals as cabinet and discussed it into details. What else can we ask for?
“We’ve not gotten what we want but we won’t just sit down if the government has not provided it. We will continue knocking the door till we get what we want before we will stop. He ended.
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