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Ahoto FM 92.5 MHz Sports Crew To Hit The Waves On 8th August, 2016. Featured

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A wonderful day has dawned on Ghana that we the elegant team of would-be-coming sports journalists/reporters of AHOTO FM (92.5 MHz)  wish to bring within the reach of the Ghanaian populace all  forms of sports tit-bits to entertain, educate and inform our dear listeners about all what they may want to hear about when it comes to sporting events.

With the zeal that is being built in us in the course of time, we the seven-member team of reporters; Gauis Nkansah Emmanuel (Head of sports), Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah, Prince Agyenim Boateng, Alex Adu, Gideon Fiifi Nyamekye, Lateef Abdul Saddick and Hassan Alhassan vow to endeavour and forge ahead to bring into being detailed sports commentary, sports analysis and lots of sports events which the ordinary Ghanaian will like to be acquinted with in order to be abreast of sports in the areas of Football, Boxing, Althletics and many more.

Gauis Nkansah Emmanuel (Sir Gauis) - Head of Sports


Prince Agyenim Boateng (Nana Agyiri)



Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah (RayPiesie Me Ne Nam Na Me Tete)



Alex Adu (Chicharito The Sports Crusader)


Abdul Saddick Lateef (The Sports Analyst Professor)


Gideon Fiifi Nyamekye (The Exclusive Sports News Breaker)


Hassan Alhassan (Hassan Sass)


We hereby want to assure our cherished audiences that they could count on us when it comes to the delivery of live sports events in all genres.Thus, we pledge the Ghanaian folk to deliver with patience, endurance and peserverance to satisfy their quest in terms of sports.

We intend not to be biased but would report accurately on whatever story that may be available at our disposal.


Story By: Simon Coffie | Ahoto FM Sports Editor

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