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Ghana's Best Football Prediction Site Is Giving Out A Free Signed Jersey

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Football prediction sites are constantly on the rise in Ghana as bettors and punters look to gain any edge they can find in their push to outsmart the bookies and make a profit from sports betting. 

Consequently, many prediction sites now operate in Ghana with bettors at a loss of what prediction site to stick to in their quest to win big. In this article, we take a look at one of the most prominent football prediction sites in Ghana and the reasons why you should bank with them. 

Everything You Need To Know About Ghanatips


Ghanatips is a modern football prediction site in every sense of the word. The site layout and interface are mobile friendly and well organized so you can navigate seamlessly whether on mobile devices or on a laptop. The focal point of the website is to provide you with up to date information and statistics on selected football games across various leagues and country.

What really underlines the prominence of is the fact that the provided tips and predictions are free of charge with no hidden charges or subscription plans. While many football prediction sites in Ghana require you to pay for ‘100% sure games’ or subscribe to a payment plan to access their predictions, gives you accurate information without demanding payment

Another important feature of is that their football predictions are arrived at through a combination of expert opinion and computer algorithms to increase the accuracy of the prediction tips posted on their website. The use of computer algorithms in analysing expert opinion in line with generated team data, statistics, player injuries and form helps to reduce the margin for error and provide punters with a higher chance of winning bets.

This also helps punters to reduce the time spent worrying and analysing football games as Ghanatips does all of this on your behalf. All you need to do is log on to their webpage and peruse the predictions on your favoured matches and football leagues.

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In their bid to make your betting experience even smoother and have you smiling to the bank, Ghanatips actively tracks live updates of each provided prediction on bookmakers’ sites. What this means is that Ghanatips partners with selected bookmakers in the country and actively tracks the odds movements on their websites so you can have to access to the biggest and best odds, all the while betting on accurate and well-analyzed predictions. This feature also helps you to gain information and access to promos and select offers from bookmakers in Ghana.

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Why Should I Use Ghanatips?

If you’re still unsure about what football prediction website to use in Ghana or you’re a new bettor looking to access valuable information to improve your betting experience, then ride with us as we outline reasons why you should join the bandwagon of the Best Football Prediction Website in Ghana.

The following are some of the reasons why you should use Ghanatips:

1. At Ghanatips, we understand that the first rule of betting is not to force things. As a result, our focus is on the quality of prediction tips as opposed to quantity. While other websites look to give prediction tips on every game out there, we’re more focused on delivering accurate tips that make sure you defeat the bookies every time you try.

2. Our football predictions are generated through a complex and well-analysed computer algorithm that reduces the room for error. We rely on carefully generated and mathematically calculated data to give you a real chance of winning at sports betting.

3. Our football prediction tips are up to 85% accurate. We understand fully, and you should too, that no football prediction site can be right all the time. Additionally, we display the outcomes of our football predictions as transparency is one of our core values.

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4. You don’t have to lose your money to scammers who capitalise on your eagerness to win big through sports betting. Our football prediction tips are entirely free without any need for payment of subscription fees.

5. Lastly, signing up for our free football predictions qualifies you for a chance to win a free football jersey signed by Everton’s Alex Iwobi. Once you register, you automatically qualify for the jersey draw, without compromising your chances of winning through our football tips.

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With a new football season underway and lots of matches to pick from, sign up and subscribe to our football predictions for FREE, and stand a chance to win a signed football jersey by football star Alex Iwobi.

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