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The Emerging Online Casino Market in Africa

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There are many different markets which are beginning to emerge throughout Africa. Due in part to massive investments from nations such as China and caused by the Information Revolution, individuals now have access to more digital amenities than ever before. 

In fact, residents of even the most remote villages can enjoy gadgets such as mobile phones and smart watches. This is why it makes a great deal of sense that the online gambling industry has its eye on the continent at the present. 
Predicted to represent the next major marketplace, what can Africans expect over the next few years and how will individual nations regulate online betting? Let's take a closer look at the tentative answers to these questions. 

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Why Such an Influx and Why Now?

One of the most profound stumbling blocks which has had to be faced by the online casino industry is the fact that many portions of Africa lacked reliable access to the Internet. However, this situation has begun to change thanks to the introduction of 4G wireless technology. The fact that smartphones in even the remotest of locations can now connect nearly instantaneously has signalled a major paradigm shift. 
Another important point to mention is that many online portals such as Betway online casino have already taken forays into other marketplaces. Betway is a main growing betting brand in Africa. In other words, they are associated with greater levels of transparency and they boast other amenities such as the ability to deal with multiple types of currency. It is therefore easy for players to register and begin perusing the different categories within such sites.
Still, a question remains. Countries such as the Untied States have been reticent to lift restrictions associated with the online gaming industry. How will African governments deal with this very same issue and what types of regulations might be put in place?
The Important Notion of Revenue Generation
To be clear, individuals have been legally allowed to participate in sports betting since as far back as 1996 (horse racing is particularly popular throughout the continent). It should nonetheless be mentioned that some nations are not likely to allow online gambling; perhaps due to moral or religious convictions. The fact of the matter is that such restrictions can be easily bypassed through the use of methods such as virtual private networks (VPNs). 
The most critical takeaway point in relation to online gaming is that it is an excellent means to generate an additional source of domestic income. This liquidity can then be translated directly back into local and regional economies; helping to spur future growth. Even those nations which prohibit online gambling might nonetheless establish physical casinos in order to cater to the needs of the populace.
Africa is being transformed at a breakneck pace and this is due in large part to the nearly ubiquitous presence of the Internet. So, it is only a matter of time before digital gaming takes a firm hold throughout the continent. This is great news for any online casino that hopes to tap into such a burgeoning market.
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