Meet Samuel Kwaku Owusu: Ghana’s Hidden Jewel Featured
04 Jul

Meet Samuel Kwaku Owusu: Ghana’s Hidden Jewel

If you have not heard of Samuel Kwaku Owusu’s name, don’t fuss- you soon will. He belongs to a new wave of emerging talents from the United States of America.
He is regarded by many American soccer pundits to be the future of American soccer and is highly tipped to carve a niche for himself in the sport.
Owusu was born in Kumasi, Ghana but had to migrate to the US with his family at age 13. 
Like many Ghanaian footballers, little Owusu’s was spotted an early age while playing keepy-uppy with his friends on the Suame State Park. 
“Growing up in Kumasi really brought the best in me. The city has a rich history of churning out talents. Kids are always seen on the streets playing football and learning new tricks seen from established footballers on the television. I have always dreamt of making a name for myself in football and I think I’m still on course to realizing that dream. The journey has been long but certainly far from over.” He told
Now at 17, Owusu currently plays for the U-18/19 team of New York City FC. In 2016, Owusu was among 900 young footballers that participated in the National showcase in Florida, out of which 54 were selected with Owusu named among the top three performers.
The scouts of New York City FC present could not watch and let this enormous talent pass them by and thus hurriedly swoop in to get the young Ghanaian into their development team and has since been a bulwark of their team.
Samuel Kwaku Owusu is a clever player. He tries to do better and has done better. He is an exceptional engine, always ready to execute his duties efficiently and effectively. He runs, his movements is great, he’s brave and exceptionally humble.
“I am really having a wonderful time here. They’ve given me the opportunity to bring my proclivity to bear. My almost three year stay with them has really benefitted my development as a player as I have learnt a lot and hope to learn more as I progress.”He chimed in
Owusu plays as a centre-back and occasionally assigned a defensive midfield role to minimize the beatings meted to his teammates.
Aggressive and surprisingly rugged for a player his age, Owusu’s resolve is matched by his acute sensibility in defensive situations. 
His awareness of when to close down and strip the ball from opponents is impressive, as his speed in covering ground to instigate his team’s pressing. He’s always searching for a forward pass to open up an opponent.
He’s strong and good in the air, making him a capable all-rounder for his position. He excellently combines sound defending with forward raids, Owusu ticks all boxes.
Versatile and full of youthful verve, Owusu’s ascent shows no signs of slowing, with the 17-year-old having a lot to offer. There are even hushed talks of him playing for the United States’ U-20 mens team in the not too distant future.
Owusu has been linked with several European clubs and that might be the next logical move should he see his talent blossom but Owusu has a predilection for the MLS and is anxiously waiting for the opportunity to play for the NYCFC mainstream team in the next few months.
"It’s (MLS) a great league, one where you can find a stuttering team upsetting the giants. The atmosphere for the games with all the fans travelling to support their teams is special,” and yes, I would love to play for the Pro team of NYCFC. I would love to play at the highest level.”He quipped. 
Having witnessed most of the MLS games, Owusu is aware of the challenge ahead but the confident teenager is optimistic of his success with the senior team. 
“I am ready for the challenge ahead. I have the wherewithal to be successful here.” 
Like most teenagers, he needs to work on his overall strength and physical shape, but even with his current frame, he’s strong to compete in the very physical world of the MLS.
The learning curve is steep, but Owusu has the raw ingredients to improve with the right guidance.
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