Majeed Waris' wife happy after his AFCON snub; makes SHOCKING revelations about their marriage (+VIDEO) Featured
14 Jun

Majeed Waris' wife happy after his AFCON snub; makes SHOCKING revelations about their marriage (+VIDEO)

The wife of the FC Nantes striker is on cloud nine after his husband failed to make Ghana's final squad for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Habeeba Sinare, the wife of Ghana international Majeed Abdul Waris has shockingly stated that she was happy after his snubbed for the tournament.
The 22-year-old lady said the Black Stars player is now facing the law of karma after maltreating her since their wedding in 2017.
Waris was dropped from the Black Stars of Ghana final 23-man squad for the the 32nd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations which will be staged in Egypt.
According to the Habeeba, he and his family treated her badly and it look like she married for money. She packed out of her matrimonial home late last year with their son.
"I'm proud divorcee, excuse me to say and I think it's just the type of era that I am in that there's the lack of impatient young ladies and I think I'm one of them because I don't have patient and my divorce was based on something else" She told Accra-based Hitz FM
"This is a man (Abdul Waris), that I will say I'm way educated than but It has gotten that I don't hope to love again, as I'm sitting here I don't any man in my life because I have noticed from my life experience that if you be with a man that is lesser than you he treats you like a b*tch"
"That's the life I gave learned so I keep preaching to other women to get what they're because I was in School when I got my man and because of him I left school and as I'm talking to you, I am starting all over again and I am not shy because I was a medical student"
"Now I'm in another sector and I always put everything to God and I feel that God has already ordained that I'll never be a doctor but as I'm sitting down here I was left with a year to become a certified midwife.
"This is a man I left my family to support him for his marriage to be done, this is a man In stood by even though I knew he wasn't educated to my level.
''I'm not saying he wasn't rich, he was rich but if you see my wedding you'll not believe it. I got married like someone who has been married ten times and this is the eleventh wedding"
"He and his family made me looked like I was in for his money but this is someone who's a soccer player but when we go outside, I basically do everything for you. I'm your lawyer, doctor, wife, child and everything but you treat me like your family is better than me"
"I don't wish him bad but as I'm talking to you now he's paying for it. He is one of the players the coach has told them to come back"
"I'm now a single parent. I'm a very young lady but the type of responsibilities this young guy has placed on my head, I cry every whenever I see my child."
Habeeba Sinare is the daughter of Alhaji Sinare, former NDC Member of Parliament for Central Ayawaso who has served at Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and a niece to celebrated actress Kalsoum Sinare.

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